$WDW: Nancy Jones: Acrylic: Notan to Colour

  • Wed, November 27, 2019
  • 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Barrie Art Club
  • 7


  • Registration Fee $45.00
  • Non-member Registration $60

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Notan to Colour

  • Subject: Exploring Notan and Colour
  • Medium: Acrylic
  • Levels: All
  • Registration:
    - Members: $45.00
    - Non-members: $60.00

Notan is the basis of all good design. It is the Japanese term for the light/dark principle of design. Throughout history people have used notan to design walls, railings, masks, paintings, pottery design and more.

During the morning of this workshop participants will refer to personal references to paint small black and white sketches. The notan sketch that has the best balance of black and white shapes will form the basis of the composition for the painting you choose to do in colour.

Colour: In the afternoon participants will explore the Newton colour wheel which is based on the primary colours. After a brief demonstration of colour mixing, the workshop will be a hands-on exploration of colour as participants plan a painting based on the primary colours.

About the Artist

Nancy describes her painting style as expressionist. She says this because her paintings are intensely personal. She interprets the landscape rather than convey the details of the scene. She employs several design principles. She mixes primary colours. Her compositions are simple and direct. She uses both soft and strong outlines, simple shapes and bold colours. Depending on the subject matter, she uses brushstrokes of opaque colour or a glazing technique of transparent colours.

Colour is probably the most important part of her explorations as an artist.

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