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Sailing Away: How to Paint Sailboats and Fishing Boats on Water
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
Subject / Focus
1. Painting patterns of water and basic boat shapes 2. Sailboats 3. Fishing boats
Class Description
Working from photo references and drawings, participants will explore patterns found in water, from calm to wavy. Participants will learn how to draw and paint basic “8” boat shapes and show the reflections of shapes in water. Step-by-step demonstrations will focus on creating simplified paintings of sailboats and fishing boats using the elements of shape, form and variety.
About the Artist
Nancy is an award-winning artist, teacher and juror. She is a Director of the Toronto Watercolour Society (TWS). Nancy is a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, (Active Member), the Society of York Region Artists, the East Central Ontario Art Association and the International Watercolour Society, Canada and the Blue Mountain Foundation of the Arts.
She has exhibited her work in many solo shows and juried group shows including TWS Aquavision, SCA, IWS, Art Aurora, SOYRA, and the BMFA. She has received several First Place, Awards of Merit, Honourable Mention and People's Choice Awards.

Nancy has been a guest instructor for many art societies such as the Banbury Group of Artists, Don Valley Art Club and the Marsh Street Painters, Clarksburg. She has given workshops and taught regular sessions of classes at the Aurora Cultural Centre. Nancy has been an instructor at the Haliburton School of the Arts for many years. This summer Nancy will be teaching at the Loyalist College Summer Arts Program in Belleville.
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Supplies Students Should Bring:

Paint / art media
Paint/art media: Professional Quality Transparent Watercolours

Use the colours in your palette. Below are the standard colours in Nancy's palette.

- Raw Sienna
- Aureolin or Lemon Yellow (cool)
- Indian Yellow (warm)
- Quinacridone Gold
- Quinacridone Burnt Orange (optional)

- Permanent Red or Scarlet Lake (warm)
- Quinacridone Rose or Permanent Rose (cool)

- Cobalt turquoise (cool and opaque)
- Phthalo Blue (cool and transparent)
- Cobalt Blue
- Ultramarine Blue
- Cerulean Blue

- Sap Green
- Perylene Green

- Permanent Magenta (optional)
- Winsor Dioxazine Violet

- Burnt Sienna
Art Surface / Support
- 140 lb. cold press Arches watercolour, Quarter sheets (11” x 15”)
- Painting support boards; coroplast or plexiglass to fit paper
Supplies and Tools
- Masking tape to affix watercolour paper to support board
- Masking fluid with small old pointed round for application or Masking pen
- Rubber cement pickup for masking removal
- 2 water containers
- Kleenex and paper towels

Brushes: Use what you have
- Medium sized pointed rounds (#8, 10, or 12)
- Small rounds (#2 ,4, or 6)
- 1” Escoda 8247 hogs hair brush (optional)
- 1” flat watercolour stroke brush
- 1” flat watercolour brush (optional)
Reference materials
The instructor will provide:
- Reference photographs
- Drawings which can be traced ahead of class

Workshop Outline: Complete: All-4 Class Series, 1 only-Single Session, 1 & 2 - Saturday OR Full Day

Session 1
Over the four sessions:
- Looking at examples
- Samples of water and wave patterns
- Drawing simple boat shapes
- Step-by-step demonstration of sailboat/s on water
- Step-by-step demonstration of fishing boat/s on water
- Sharing sessions for personal feedback

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