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Colourful Play in the Fall Bouquet
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... Other medium:
Optional water soluble pastels or acrylic markers (provided).
Subject / Focus
Colour and light simplified in the floral bouquet.
Class Description
Create a stunning floral from an arrangement of sunflowers, echinacea, windflowers, black eyed susans and other fall blooms from the garden.

Begin the day with a quick demo looking at composition and the play of light and shadow in colour choices. We will think about simple shapes and expressive strokes and not get bogged down in detail!

Next, working in a small group to arrange a bouquet, we will sketch then block in compositions, choose colours and mark making tools/materials and start our paintings.

We will mentor each other, take breaks to ask questions, share and learn through active doing.
About the Artist
Lisa Perrin has been a secondary and elementary teacher for over 30 years. She enjoys teaching through a mentoring model where talk, reflection and self expression are encouraged. Sessions are well paced. Lisa’s preferred style of painting is colourful interpretation with loose, painterly strokes.
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Supplies Students Should Bring:

Paint / art media
Acrylic paints:
- Soft or hard body (Try to have a choice of warm and cool in the primaries and 1 or 2 quinacridones.)
- Lisa uses mostly Liquitex Professional or Golden, but don’t buy new if you’ve already got another brand!

Palette Options:
- Blues: cobalt, cerulean, indathrene, turquoise
- Reds: cadmium red, alizarin crimson, quin magenta, quin red
- Yellows: cad yellow, hansa yellow and/or yellow light hansa, Indian yellow, yellow ochre
- Raw Umber, Burnt umber
- Titanium White: Lisa uses lots so have Golden’s 237 mL

Nice to have some of:
- Quin burnt orange (Liquitex soft body)
- Dioxazine Purple
- Quin Blue Violet or Cobalt Violet (Liquitex)
- Chromium Oxide Green, Viridian, Green Gold (Liquitex)
Art Surface / Support
- Sketchbook and 3B or 4B pencil for composition and planning.
- Faber Castell or similar waterproof Artist pen in sepia for sketching on canvas.
- Alternatively can be done with transparent burnt umber paint and brush.

- 1 x canvas board or panel 9x12 if you wish to paint along with the demo (optional).
- 1x canvas board or wrapped canvas of 9x12 or 11x14 or 12x16 for your own composition/ artwork.
- You can tone your canvas in a light blue or violet tint if you wish, but it is not required.

- Tabletop easel
Supplies and Tools
- Sketchbook and pencils for composition planning
- Faber Castell or similar waterproof Artist pen in sepia for sketching on canvas.
- Alternatively can be done with transparent burnt umber paint and brush.
- Disposable palette paper pad, XL or palette set up of your choice.

- A variety of flats in sizes x-sm to 1”+
- Chisel
- Afew rounds 2-4
- 1 1/2” brush for background painting
- Rigger or fine round for a little flourish!

- Palette knife for mixing paint, such as Liquitex Freestyle arrowhead point
- 01 silicone mini blade Princeton or Catalyst w-01 silicone shaper if desired for background texture (optional)

- 2 water containers
- Shop or paper towels
- Gloves if desired
Reference materials
- Image for demo will be provided in advance of the workshop
- An assortment of garden flowers and vases will be provided but participants are encouraged, welcome to bring some to share as well!

Materials Instructor Will Bring:

Materials Fee $ per Student
Materials the instructor will provide
Vases, flowers, water soluble pastels, print of the demo floral
Items made available for purchase

Workshop Outline: Complete: All-4 Class Series, 1 only-Single Session, 1 & 2 - Saturday OR Full Day

Session 1
- Demo using garden blooms.
- A photo reference will be provided.
- Discussion of light direction, focal point (star), supporting cast, colour choices.
- Sketch big shapes, lay in darks, participants may paint along or take notes, mid tones, lights/highlights.
- Additional mark making ideas
- Loose, simple background
Session 2
- Create arrangements in groups of 3 and identify star or focal point (rule of 3rds) and supporting cast, photograph your arrangement!
- Sketch composition in book with only basic shapes
-Shade in the darks.
- Sketch on canvas, keep it simple:
Darks, mid tones, lights, background, hi-lights, rigger work, a few flourishes or mark making for interest.
- Share to large group or participants walk to view and discuss.

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