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Soft Pastels
Subject / Focus
Each project will focus on studying a key Impressionist artist, colour theory, technique and stylization in acrylic or soft pastel.
Class Description
“The light constantly changes, and that alters the atmosphere and beauty of things every minute.” - Claude Monet

Study the Masters of Impressionism to inspire expressionism in your future brushwork and colour explorations! Look at the history and apply theory Monet and Renoir developed, in mini studies to explore what influenced these Impressionists artists, their work and how painting has since been profoundly affected by the movement.

These projects will focus on colour theory, technique and stylization in acrylic or soft pastel.
About the Artist
Sharlena Wood is known for her art material product knowledge, enthusiasm and support in the local artistic community with Curry’s Art Store/Art School, Wallack’s Art Supplies, Tri-Art Acrylics, Craftsy and ZOOM online classes. Sharlena continues to share her passion through collaborative event art, instruction, commissions and creative endeavours in Toronto, Ontario.
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Supplies Students Should Bring:

Paint / art media
For Acrylic Painting:
- Range of acrylic paints, ie. primary and neutral colours

For Soft Pastels:
- Soft pastels (any format - hard pastels, soft pastels, pastel pencils, pan pastels + Sofft Tools)
- Spray Fixatiff (optional)
Art Surface / Support
For Acrylic Painting:
- Four 8”x10” canvas boards or similar
- 1 sheet of wet media paper for practice brushstrokes

For Soft Pastels:
- 4 sheets of pastel paper 8”x10”
- 1 sheet of wet media paper for practice strokes
Supplies and Tools
For Acrylic Painting:
- A variety of brushes for acrylics
- Palette
- Water container
- Rags or paper towels

For Soft Pastels:
- Brushes
- Gloves or a cloth rag for blending
Reference materials
- Provided by instructor

Materials Instructor Will Bring:

Materials the instructor will provide
- Reference materials

Workshop Outline: Complete: All-4 Class Series, 1 only-Single Session, 1 & 2 - Saturday OR Full Day

Session 1
- Study of Claude Monet's Poplar trees and his use of brushstrokes, light and colour.
Session 2
- Study of a Renoir garden scene with a focus on the colour green.
Session 3
- Study of a Paul Cezanne still life and his bold use of colour.
Session 4
- Study of Alfred Sisley 'La Seine au point du jour' and his use of movement in the water and sky.

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