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Painting Clouds in Acrylics
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Also Suitable for Oil
Subject / Focus
Painting Different Types of Clouds
Class Description
Marianne will demonstrate her techniques for painting the many different types of clouds as you paint along. Attention will be paid to topics such as detail, form, depth, light, colour and edges.

We will be doing cloud studies, not full paintings.
About the Artist
Marianne was born in England but spent much of her childhood in Malaysia. The stunning scenery and abundance of exotic animals and plants heightened her love of nature and keen interest in drawing and painting. As a teenager, her artwork was selling in local galleries and department stores. Marianne settled in Canada in 1980 and lives in Schomberg, Ontario.

As a full time artist and a sought after art instructor Marianne is never without her sketchbook or camera, always looking for new subject matter for her stunning closeup paintings of flowers, ethereal landscapes and abstract images. Marianne also enjoys taking on commissions of subject matter that she may not otherwise paint. Some of these have been commissioned for publishing purposes and her work has been licensed for Giclée reproductions, needlepoint designs, greeting cards and fine porcelain.

Marianne’s art education in England has been furthered by studies at The Haliburton School of the Arts and courses and workshops with many respected artists.

Marianne’s work has been exhibited in many juried exhibitions in which she has received numerous awards. The most recent are three Best in Show awards, Best Watercolour in Show, The Franklin Carmichael Award, The Marianne Crone Award, 2nd prize in the COAA Juried Show, Juror’s Choice, Honourable Mentions and several People’s Choice awards.

Her work can be found in private and corporate collections in Canada, U.S, and around the world.
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Supplies Students Should Bring:

Paint / art media
- Marianne uses mostly soft body (Liquitex) and some fluids (Golden). These are perfect for blending the sky and softer cloud shapes
- If you have other paints you can use them. Heavy body paint can be thinned with fluid matte medium.

The following colours (or their equivalent) will be required:

- Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue
- Cadmium Yellow Light Hue
- Cadmium Orange Hue
- Naples Yellow Hue
- Alizarin Crimson
- Ultramarine Blue
- Cerulean Blue or Phthalo Blue Green Shade
- Prussian Blue or Indanthrene Blue
- Burnt Sienna
- Titanium White
Art Surface / Support
- Unstretched primed canvas, canvas paper or watercolour paper with gesso. We will be doing cloud studies, not full paintings. Each study will be approximately 11x16 inches. If you are using a large piece of canvas or paper you could divide it into 4 with masking tape.

- There is no need to tone your canvas or paper before the class.
Supplies and Tools
- Synthetic acrylic brushes
- 1 1/2 flat
- 1/4", 1/2”, 3/4”, 1” brights (short flat)
- Filberts are also useful for clouds
- Stiff fan brush no 4 and/or no 8 (1 1/4" and 2” across the widest part of the bristles)
- 3/4” Soft oval mop brush. A larger size would also work. This is for blending and you could use any large, fairly soft synthetic brush with lots of bristles. I don't recommend using natural hair watercolour brushes - they are too floppy and are easily ruined with acrylic paint.

N.B. Inexpensive fan brushes and mop brushes are available in sets on at these links:
- Set of 3 fan brushes $14.99
- Set of 3 Simply Simmons brushes, including 2 mop brushes $24.46

- Large acrylic stay wet palette (with snap on lid)
- Plastic container for water
- Paper towels AND pieces of old rag or shop cloths (blue roll from Canadian Tire)
- Spray bottle
- Water-soluble pencils and/or blackboard chalk
Reference materials
- Will be supplied by instructor prior to the start of the class.

If you wish to look at different types of clouds prior to the workshop a free chart by NOAA is available at Sky Watcher: SEE LINK IN 'CLASS DESCRIPTION' FOR WORKSHOP.

Materials Instructor Will Bring:

Materials the instructor will provide
- Reference photos

Workshop Outline: Complete: All-4 Class Series, 1 only-Single Session, 1 & 2 - Saturday OR Full Day

Session 1
Over the course of three classes we cover the following:

- Painting realistic cloud studies for 7 or 8 different types of clouds (depending on time available). Marianne will do a demo for each one.
- The different cloud types and their characteristics: cumulus, stratus, cirrus, storm clouds, a sunset etc.
- How the size of the clouds and the colours change from horizon to zenith (overhead.
- Colour selection
- The effects of light
- Hard and soft edges
- Depth
- The negative space
- Adding colours to harmonize with the land and provide more interest.

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