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Expressive Portrait and Figure
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Subject / Focus
Portrait and Figure
Class Description
Atanur Dogan will help you find your own unique style. He will explain and demonstrate several different watercolour techniques.
About the Artist
Atanur Dogan: International Watercolor Society (WS) Founder and President

Atanur is a watercolor artist with Turkish/Canadian dual nationality. He graduated from Dokuz Eylul University in Turkey, majoring in painting and sculpture.

He is best known for his portraits and figures and has a distinctive painting skill. The artist's forceful brush strokes evoke the life and particularly the tribulations of his subjects. He has mastered the difficult medium of watercolor, utilizing contrasts in color and in depth to create striking effects. He enjoys painting people of different ethnicities, with a focus on their faces and body language and what these express.

Atanur has participated in more than 200 exhibitions worldwide and teaches workshops around the globe. In 2004 he hosted an international exhibition entitled "Peace Through Art", and then established the International Watercolor Society in 2012. The message of love and peace is distributed internationally through the art of watercolor.

In just 6 years, International Watercolor Society has become one of the most active art societies in the world with 90 country branches. Atanur and his team also opened IWS galleries, IWS Educational Centres, IWS Research Centres and have published an IWS International magazine. Every year the society country branches organizes international watercolor festivals, exhibitions and workshops. Atanur travels to every country supporting each IWS activity. His goal is to make watercolor one of the most popular painting techniques around the world.
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Supplies Students Should Bring:

Paint / art media
- Watercolor Paints: Most watercolor paints come in small tubes. Cotman paints are just fine, if you don't mind spending more money you can get artist quality paints, which provide richer pigments and better transparency like Holbein, Winsor & Newton, White Night, Mission Gold, Talens Van Gogh, Schmincke, etc.
Art Surface / Support
- Paper Support: Plexiglass, plywood, etc. (for taping watercolour paper down)
- Watercolour Paper: Any watercolor paper you prefer, Instructor will be using Hannemuller paper from Germany
- Recommend 140 lb cold pressed watercolour paper
Supplies and Tools
- Plastic palette (one with 16 wells is good)
- Brushes (depends on size of painting you are doing): at least one small, medium and large size round brush
- 3 or 4 pointed brushes of varying sizes: #26 or #30, #8, #6, #2 or #3.
(Choose either soft natural brushes or slightly bouncier nylon brushes. Natural bristles give better flow and nylon gives more control.)
- Two water containers
- Paper towels or rags
- Sketchbook or drawing paper

(Note: it is not necessary to go out and buy more supplies. Your usual palette, brushes and paint will work for this workshop.)
Reference materials
- Bring a photograph (one you would like to paint).

Materials Instructor Will Bring:

Items made available for purchase
- His brand Doganart brushes (affordable good quality)

- Watercolour items

NOTE: **BRING CASH to pay directly to instructor

Workshop Outline: Complete: All-4 Class Series, 1 only-Single Session, 1 & 2 - Saturday OR Full Day

Session 1
- Instructor will demonstrate a watercolour painting and provide knowledge, tips and tricks about his technique.
Session 2
- Participants will paint with individual guidance and help from instructor.

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