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Workshop Title
Learn a Quick, Loose, Useful Way to Paint or Sketch
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
Subject / Focus
Landscape Painting on Raw Masonite
Class Description
Learn to paint /sketch in a loose way reminiscent of David Milne’s work. A useful technique for sketching, as well as for a finished work. The masonite provides a mid tone that will accent and unify the whole work. Fast drying, durable and easy to care for and carry in the field.
About the Artist
Ed Novak has been part of the Muskoka art scene for over 30 years. Ed paints in watercolour, oils and acrylics. Winter is spent enjoying the great light and painting still life's, often with glass objects. Then during the outdoor season he mostly paints landscapes and gardenscapes. Ed has taught painting classes from kindergarten to university level. The classes are fun.
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Supplies Students Should Bring:

Paint / art media
(Suggested) Golden acrylics:
- Titanium white
- Sap green
- Cerulean blue
- Cobalt blue
- Ultramarine blue
- Prussian blue
- Raw umber

The class painting will mostly be a green and blue subject; bring additional blues and greens if you have them.
Art Surface / Support
- Masonite panel (will be provided)
- Tabletop easel
Supplies and Tools
- #6 & #8 curry’s 2500 brushes (Curry’s 2400, 2500, or 2600 series brushes)
- Pencil
- Two water containers
- Paper towels or rag
- Brushes
- Mixing tray (at least 8 holes)
- Ruler
- Apron
Reference materials
- You may bring a photo of a northern Ontario landscape i.e distant landform, sky and water.
- Instructor will bring an image and walk you through the sketching process.

Materials Instructor Will Bring:

Materials Fee $ per Student
$3 - masonite board provided

Workshop Outline: Complete: All-4 Class Series, 1 only-Single Session, 1 & 2 - Saturday OR Full Day

Session 1
- Begin with rough sketch of typical Northern Ontario landscape.
- Spend some time pre-mixing colours ... how to get the most from the least.
- Finally painting with acrylic on raw masonite (a slipperier surface than what some may be accustomed to).

- There will be a demonstration and discussions on perspective, colour, value and painting techniques.
Session 2
- Ed will be discussing aspects of the painting throughout the whole day both personally and to the whole class.
- Class critiques / time permitting

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