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Compositional Theory
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All Mediums
Subject / Focus
Creating Strong Compositions for Good Picture Making
Class Description
Students will learn the difference between formal and informal compositions. Subjects discussed will include how to lead the eye through an image by creating primary, secondary, and tertiary focal points.

This course applies to any medium and includes approaches for very figurative works all the way to abstraction.

We will discuss how the old masters used visual techniques to keep the viewer involved in the subject. We will also discuss peripheral vision and how to create atmosphere combining colour and edges that lead the viewer into the subject.
About the Artist
At the moment, Andrew is painting and teaching, and focusing on these two things keeps him busy on a regular basis. Prior to this, Andrew was a full-time illustrator, art director and owner of a design firm.

Andrew has travelled extensively throughout Europe and spent many hours painting on location En Plein Air. He has also spent the better part of a seven year stay in Vienna, Austria painting in the cafes there.
Instructor website
Instructor phone
1 437 333 2287
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Supplies Students Should Bring:

Paint / art media
- Any medium is fine.
- A soft pencil and small sketch book is necessary for recording ideas and taking notes.
Art Surface / Support
- Small art panels for oil and acrylic
- and/or a watercolor pad for water medium
- 8 x 10" to no larger than 9 x 12" will do the job, as many small paintings or sketches will be fine for practice and discussion.
Supplies and Tools
- Supplies which relate to the medium of your choice

For Acrylic/Watercolour:
- Palette
- Water container
- Brushes
- Paper towels

For Oil:
- Paletter
- Odourless solvents
- Brushes
- Paper towels/rags
Reference materials
- An iPad
- and/or several magazine clippings of subjects that interest you
- Any subject is fine as the course applies to composition
- A desire to learn and experiment with an open mind and a smile.
- This is a fun subject and Andrew will be teaching guidelines ... not hard and fast rules.

Workshop Outline: Complete: All-4 Class Series, 1 only-Single Session, 1 & 2 - Saturday OR Full Day

Session 1
Morning Activity:
- During the morning, Andrew will present several different ways of creating dynamic compositions and introduce some exercises to take the student past the limitations of the canvas or panel dimensions.
- Andrew will demonstrate how one image can produce several compositional solutions.
- Depending on time, the students will start working on thumbnail ideas to try various compositional exercises.
Session 2
Afternoon Activity:
- The afternoon will be a continuation of exercises and we will also analyze the student thumbnails to see if there are alternative or better compositional options for different subjects.

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