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Rooftops and Chimney Pots
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Subject / Focus
Heritage Architecture in a Cityscape
Class Description
We will be examining watercolour with a “dry brush” approach to the medium that involves a little more control of the paint, using less water. Small areas of thin transparent washes are applied, and depth of colour and shadow are built up using subsequent transparent layers.

A subdued “Last Light” at twilight time with snow-capped rooftops and trees will create our atmosphere and setting. Debra bases her stylistic approach to the medium on British watercolour artists of the early 19th century. Google artists John Sell Cotman and Thomas Girtin for example.
About the Artist
Debra Tate-Sears is a watercolour artist from the Kingston area whose Romantic compositions are based on an interpretation of "the picturesque" in the pastoral landscape and in the streets and back lanes of Ontario's older towns and cities. Debra uses a precise, analytical examination of the components of landscape elements and the fundamentals of the "Romantic" principles of painting. The result is a composition that is often brooding, haunting, and at the same time, strangely inviting.
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Supplies Students Should Bring:

Paint / art media
- Suggested: Windsor Newton Artist Series watercolours. Debra personally prefers tubes.
- The class will be using a limited palette, but bring whatever you have.
- Burnt Sienna (a mainstay for any watercolour artist)
- Alizarin Crimson
- Prussian Blue
- Ultramarine Blue (green shade)
- Cadmium (or Winsor) Yellow Deep
Art Surface / Support
- Good quality watercolour paper (Debra uses 140lb cold pressed, Arches).
- Debra doesn’t “wet and stretch” beforehand, because she likes the hard sizing on the surface of the paper, but we will be taping down with masking tape.
- Class will be working on up to 1/4 sheet size (roughly 11” x 15”)
- A board to tape your work to (Debra likes ¼” foam core – rigid, light and disposable)
Supplies and Tools
- Wash Brush (#10 round works nicely, but anything will do…)
- Detail Brush (Debra recommends Winsor Newton Sceptre Gold Series 101 Synthetic/Sable blend #4 and/or #6)
- Or any brush that tapers to a fine point and has a nice water reservoir

- An old white porcelain dinner plate (makes an excellent mixing tray)
- Water container
- Paper towels
- Masking tape
- Hard pencil, soft eraser
Reference materials
- Supplied by instructor

Materials Instructor Will Bring:

Materials the instructor will provide
- Reference material

Workshop Outline: Complete: All-4 Class Series, 1 only-Single Session, 1 & 2 - Saturday OR Full Day

Session 1
Morning Activity:
- We will begin by creating a "line drawing" on our watercolour paper,
- And blocking in using broad washes and layering.
Session 2
Afternoon Activity:
- Layering and detailing using progressively drier applications to create contrast and detail.
- Isolating and defining.

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