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Discover the Excitement of Non-objective Abstract Art
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
Mixed Media
... Other medium:
Acrylic or Water Media
Subject / Focus
Experimentation and Play
Class Description
Fear is often what holds us back from creating with gusto! In this class Susanne Clark will give you fresh and playful ways to enter into creating non-objective work.

You will learn how to create interesting texture and pattern, develop both structure and randomness into your work and incorporate a variety of mixed media.
About the Artist
A New Zealander by birth Susanne has lived and exhibited in many different places before moving to Toronto in 2009. Her work is non-objective, colourful, multi-layered and textured.

Primarily a painter, Collagraph Printmaking is her other passion. Her paintings and Collagraph Handprints are in collections in NZ, Canada, Europe and the USA.
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Supplies Students Should Bring:

Paint / art media
- Acrylic or other water media

Basic colours:
- Warm red
- Yellow
- White
- Phthalo Blue
- Orange
- Magenta
- Green
- Black
- And any other colours you wish to bring.

- Acrylic Gloss Medium

- Plus a bottle of cheap gold or silver paint from the dollar store
Art Surface / Support
- Sheets of paper in a variety of sizes
- Canson Canvas Paper pads 16"x20" or 18"x24" are great to use

- Large wood panel or canvas 30"x30" or smaller would be fun if you wish to bring one (bear in mind space is limited)
Supplies and Tools
All your usual painting supplies including:
- Palette
- Brushes (a variety including one wider than 2 inches)
- Large metal scraper
- Small bottle with a nozzel writer top. Hairdressing hair dye bottles work too.
- Green masking tape in very wide, medium and thin widths
- Sandpaper
- Oil Pastel
- Graphite or pencil
- A roll of wax paper
- Paper towels
Reference materials

Materials Instructor Will Bring:

Materials the instructor will provide

Workshop Outline: Complete: All-4 Class Series, 1 only-Single Session, 1 & 2 - Saturday OR Full Day

Session 1
- Creating an underpainting and learning how to bring structure and randomness to the work
- Demos throughout the day
Session 2
- Creating texture, line work and pattern, making colour work, adding mixed media and creating a good finish

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