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Skins to Create a Painting
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Subject / Focus
Class Description
Learn how to make skins with Rose Cook. She will show you how to decide what works for a painting, and important techniques when cutting skins so they don't curl together, and the importance of having a design in mind. Once a skin is placed you cannot change your mind.

A second technique using Floretol, pouring medium Silicon and a blow torch right on the canvas is a little more challenging but very satisfying when done, the colours will explode into very interesting shapes; possibly flowers or very abstract depending where and how you place your paints.

This is a class to have fun with your imagination and paint, no limits just enjoy!
About the Artist
Rose Cook has had a love for Art since she was a child. Trained in Fine Arts at Georgian College.

Her art has traveled the world: United States, Germany, Thailand, New Zealand as well as Canada.

Rose has shown at Ridge West Gallery, Oro-Medonte; Edge Gallery, Barrie; The Quest Gallery, Midland; and in the Barrie Art Gallery and Studio. Cassa Cape-Chino.

Inspiration comes from anything she sees: a sunrise, a child playing, landscapes or her imagination. Rose tries to create a sense of emotion with colour and energy in her paintings. Vibrant colour excites Rose to explore different techniques and mediums in abstract and realism.
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Supplies Students Should Bring:

Paint / art media
- Student grade acrylic paint or Golden (which Rose prefers)
Art Surface / Support
FOR SKINS (to create):
- Canvas boards IN PLASTIC (DO NOT take out of plastics) / this is for the skins

- Canvases small or larger (skins won't come off)
Supplies and Tools
- Pouring medium
- Floetrol
- Blow torch (small - like a creme brulee torch / can buy at Giant Tiger)
- Silicon (if desired)
- Hair dryer with narrow spout (Rose found one like this at Giant Tiger for less than $19)
- Plastic to cover your work area (garbage bag or something that can be tossed)
- A boot tray lined with foil paper (dollar store)
- OR a low sided cardboard box lined with foil with sides up
Reference materials
- Your imagination

Materials Instructor Will Bring:

Materials the instructor will provide
- Wooden coffee sticks
- Shot glasses
- Rubber gloves for anyone who would like a pair
(Rose's treat, no charge)

Workshop Outline: Complete: All-4 Class Series, 1 only-Single Session, 1 & 2 - Saturday OR Full Day

Session 1
Week 1
- Rose will demo creating skins with acrylic paints
- She will bring some skins in to show what they look like when cured, as well as some completed paintings so you can see the end result.
- The hardest thing is having to wait for 1 week until they cure but that gives you a chance to study and think about your painting.
Session 2
Week 2:
- Now that the skins are cured we will use our imagination before cutting.
- We can lay them out on another plastic sheet when cut and create a painting before we lay them on the canvas. That way if there is a mind change it can be done.
Session 3
Week 3:
- Rose will demonstrate the technique using Floretol, pouring medium Silicon (optional), a blow torch and a hairdryer with a narrow spout.
- This is a little more challenging but very satisfying when done. The colours will explode into very interesting shapes, possibly flowers or abstract depending where you place the colours.

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