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Fresh Wilds
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Mixed Media
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Class Description
Push the boundaries of expressive drawing and mixed media! Begin the day with skill-building exercises that ignite courage, awe and wonder in the creative process.

Taking inspiration from the colours and textures of the natural world, we will explore the basics for experimental material combinations, layering with water-based paints and drawing media.
About the Artist
Sharlena Wood is known for her art material product knowledge, enthusiasm and support in the local artistic community with Curry’s Art Store/Art School, Wallack’s Art Supplies, Tri-Art Acrylics, and now worldwide with Craftsy Sympoz Inc. online classes. Sharlena continues to share her passion through collaborative event art, instruction, commissions and creative endeavors in Toronto, Ontario.
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Supplies Students Should Bring:

Paint / art media
- Any kind of professional, water-based paint: watercolour, acrylic, water-soluble ink.

- Your choice of colours.

- A range of dry media, anything that can make a mark, ie: charcoal pencils/sticks, graphite pencils/sticks, coloured pencil crayons, wax crayons, Conte, china markers, oil pastels, soft pastels, water-soluble graphite, water-soluble pencil crayons, litho crayons, markers, ballpoint pens, permanent markers/fineliners, oil pastels, paint markers, etc.

NOTE: Please only bring what you already have.
Art Surface / Support
- Sketchbook
- Illustration board x 2 (one large board to cut down, or a 4/pack)
- Watercolour paper pad 9"x12" or similar

**(Illustration Board = A drawing board made using sheets of drawing paper mounted to one side of a heavyweight archival board to provide a stiff surface. It's much thicker than bristol paper and cheaper than watercolour paper. There are many types of surfaces: plate, vellum, cold press and multi-purpose - any of these surfaces will work for this project. It's personal preference, but for beginners, I suggest cold press/multi-purpose).
Supplies and Tools
- Variety of painting brushes (small, medium, large)
- Palette knives and any other utensils with which to push paint around, make marks ie. dollar store spatula...get creative!
- Spray bottle
- Paint palette

- (Optional) Collage elements: gold leaf, washi, magazines
Reference materials
- Still Life items: flowers, leaves, branches, berries, string, ribbon etc.
- Alive or dried
- Bring a variety of items that inspire you with texture/colour to make a loose bouquet on a table (not in a vase)
- Paper towels/rags
- Table cover (dollar store shower curtain)
- Apron/paint clothes

Materials Instructor Will Bring:

Materials the instructor will provide

Workshop Outline: Complete: All-4 Class Series, 1 only-Single Session, 1 & 2 - Saturday OR Full Day

Session 1
- The morning will begin with an overview of using water-based + drawing media + weird stuff together.
- Exercises explore unconventional tools, mark-making, gestures, contours and organic line, using 'what's in your kit' to discover best/worst mixed media combinations.
- Followed by a demo to show how I layer, build, and nurture expressionism.
Session 2
- The upbeat afternoon explores creating an exciting still life to work from, focusing on line, space, texture and colour, with great music to light your creative fire!
- Expected results will be a minimum of two mixed media works that lead into a final discussion of finding your creative match in plein air/still life, and a demo of editing and framing.

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