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Have a fun day playing with colour. Learn to embrace some vivid colour to your paintings starting with a vibrant underpainting. We will review some colour theory and what it takes to create a colour filled dynamic painting.
About the Artist
Sam Paonessa AOCA, OSA is a graduate from the Ontario College of Art in Toronto. His career as a professional artist spanned over 30 years with Hallmark Cards.
During that period Sam traveled and painted plein air landscapes in North America, Italy and Morocco. As an active member of the Ontario Society of Artists, he has been sharing his valuable experience gaining recognition as an accomplished painting workshop instructor for numerous art groups across Ontario.
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416 491-6764
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Supplies Students Should Bring:

Paint / art media
- Any paint colour, bring what you have especially high chroma colours such as Quinacridone Magenta, Turquoise or Teal.
- Permanent Green Light, Cadmium Orange, Hansa Yellow or Cadmium Yellow and Violet or purples.
Art Surface / Support
- Canvas or panels
- Shape of surface depends on image
- A variety of sizes may be helpful,
suggested sizes: 12 X 16 ,16 X 20 or 12 X 24 if panorama is desired.
Supplies and Tools
- Brushes: A good assortment of large and small flat, filbert and round brushes. Bristle and soft hair.
- Palette Knives: Good to have a small, medium and large size. (I prefer an arrowhead or diamond head shape.)
- Mediums: For acrylic and oil painters (Golden or Liquitex are quality brands that I use)
*Oil paint can only be used on these products after dry!
- Gesso: small tub (Liquitex or Golden or whatever you have in your supplies)
- Gel Medium: semi-gloss, (Golden)
- OPTIONAL: Light Moulding paste try to find LIGHT, if not use regular Moulding paste
- Shapers: Princeton Catalyst White Silicone Mini-blade #4 (I recommend this size for one)
(They come in various shapes so choose a couple of sizes, I recommend angled or straight edged)
- Rags or strong durable towels
Reference materials
- Students bring their own
- PREPARE YOUR SURFACES with bright tint or under painting such as a mid tone pink or green.
- Choose a colour complementary to the main colour of your work. For example if there will be a lot of warm colour like a fall scene then start with a green or blue green underpainting.

Materials Instructor Will Bring:

Items made available for purchase
- Instructor Book $25

Workshop Outline: Complete: All-4 Class Series, 1 only-Single Session, 1 & 2 - Saturday OR Full Day

Session 1
- Discuss/Review Colour Theory
- Demo
- Class paints
Session 2
Continue Painting
- Depending on individuals they may start a second piece
- Another demo (if requested)

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